Autumn/Winter Hair 2014

It’s here! Autumn has finally arrived. Say good bye to Summer hair and get ready for some exciting colours & hair styles this Autumn/Winter.

What’s hot?

If you’re more on the shy side and do not like to stand out from a crowd then block natural colour’s will be perfect for you. Try a deep brown, chocolate brown, caramel blonde or snow white. These colours are very block. Meaning it is all the one colour, no foils or balayage to separate the colour. See below for an example 🙂



For those that are going for a stand out look, BRIGHT & BOLD colours will do the trick! In Winter especially it can be very gloomy and sad so why not make it a bit colourful by showing off your locks 😉 ! See below pressers-




What is the most popular styles?

Hair pieces are always great to wear no matter what season it is. However, floral has seemed to win the face of hair fashion this season. Get ready for some beautiful colours and patterns to come out. There is also a trend for rather far parted side parts. Where instead of the part just beginning a little off center, it is starting further back and further on the opposite side you would like your fringe. For a sneak peak see below.

milan 2&side


Enjoy! xx




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