The main cause of hair breakage.

Dear my fellow Pressers,

I have not posted anything for a while as I have been extremely busy. However, I have had a lot of questions about why some women experience continuous hair breakage even after using treatments and getting their frequent snip at the salon.

It is quite simple really. Do any of you have a shower, quickly towel dry your hair, brush it roughly to get all the knots out and then just tie it up? If you do then that is most likely the cause of your breakage. When your hair is wet it become an elastic band. Each hair strand becomes extremely flexible. When you apply heat to your hair it stops your hair from being like an elastic band which is good news because hair snaps when its wet. Running a brush through your hair roughly while it is wet is the same as stretching an elastic band too much and it breaking. When you tie your hair up with an elastic band it constricts your hair from bouncing back to its normal elasticity which also causes snapping.

To ensure this does not happen you need to thoroughly dry your hair with a hair dryer. DO NOT leave it damp. Alternatively if you do not like drying your hair with a heated appliance you can let your hair naturally dry and then brush it after.

I hope this helps some of you! Keep smiling chickens! 🙂


Teniel xoxo


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