Easy Up Do’s for any occasion

A lot of Fellow Pressers have asked me to write about UPDO’s. Question’s have been asked about what’s the most simplest up’do for a wedding or a formal that doesn’t look too prim and proper.

Braiding will never go out the window when it comes to fashion. As far as I am concerned braid’s can be incorporated into any hair styles to add texture, elegance and uniqueness. So I say, if you want an up style for a wedding or a formal occasion, a low lying loose bun that has braids intertwined is just great for the occasion!

If your wanting something more textured then i would do this;

Step 1: Section your hair into 3 layers , separate them by using sectioning clips. Curl all of your hair section by section making the curls loose to medium not tight.

Step 2: Once all of your hair is curled separate your hair again by taking all the hair that is at your t-section ( all the hair that is from the front of your ears up to the highest point at the back of your head) and section them off from the back.Step 3: Gather all the hair from the back section in a low messy grip and twist it around 2 of your fingers. Once you can feel a messy bunch at the back of your head grab a clear elastic and wrap it around the bunch.
Step 3: Pick out the pieces of hair you would like to keep around your face and then in the rest of the hair that is left start to create little plaits and secure them with clear elastics. You don’t want to have too many, just 2 on each side of your head and about 1cm thick. Once you have plaited your braids you should still have a fair amount of loose hair left over. Grab sections of the remaining hair and twist it, “swoop” the hair back from your face and back towards the bunch at the back of your hair. Wrap the hair around the bunch and secure with bobby pins. NOTE: Pins should be a similar co lour to your hair for a nicer effect.

Step 4: Keep swooping the hair back until you only have the pieces you left around the face. Touch up any spots you need with pins and hairspray. If you want it to look more messy just pull random bits of hair from the sides and back out to give it a ” quick throw up” look.

It should look similar to this however messier is better!


Another Great up style is the Braided Bun that sits nice and high on top of your head! This one is very quick and easy and should only take you 10 mins max. This hair style is great for all occasions like school, work, formals, events and even weddings! Its simple yet elegant and is a big winner for me!

Step 1: There is not a lot of preparation for this hair style however its best to have straightened or wavy hair so if you do have extremely curly hair then I would most definitely grab the straightener. Once you have done that , brush your hair up into a high pony tail so that it sits right on the crown of your head (the part of your hair that is right on the edge from being the top and the back). Secure with a clear elastic.

Step 2: Spray your hair with hairspray as we do not want any fly away’s or bumps in the pony tail. Halve your pony tail and section them apart. With one half of the pony tail, start to plait all the way down the section of hair. Leaving the other half of hair un-plaited.

Step 3: Once you have done that, tease the un-plaited section of hair really well and then softly brush over it. You do not want to undo the teasing you simply just want to lightly brush over the top so that it looks nice and smooth. Then grab that same section and twist it around the clear elastic loosely for a wider, fuller bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins until you feel like it wont move.

Step 4: Grab the plaited section, pull both sides of the plait to make it look wider and wrap that around the outside of the teased bun and tuck in any loose bits. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 5: Spray lightly on the bun and underneath to make sure its nice and tight!

How it should look! The size of the bun varies on the length of your hair.. Amanda has long hair!

images (5)


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