Top 5 Worst and Best Haircuts ranked by men.

Hey Pressers!

I have to share this with you ladies because I feel we need to know what men really think about our hair. Not all of us care about what our man thinks of our new hair cut and colour but many of us wonder if he will like it when we have finished at the salon!
I was reading through a magazine with my boyfriend picking out all these hair cuts and colours that I liked but to my surprise my boyfriend called “old fashioned”, “mom like” and “scrag like”. So after countless fights with my boyfriend on how on earth he could possibly think that, I decided to do a quick poll with my group of guy friends on what hair cuts they preffered.

Below is 5 cuts ranked out of 10. With 1 being the lowest and 10 being the best!

kristen-stewarts-hairKristen Stewart

Ranked: 2/10

Comments: “Too shaggy!” , “boy like, yuck”,” she looks like she just woke up”, “I wouldn’t usually mind this on a girl but she always looks scappy”

Miley Cyrus
Ranked: 1/10
Comments: “this look is not sexy at all”, “women should have long hair, especially if they are young”, “she used to be hot but now she looks like gaga”


Sienna Miller
Ranked: 6/10
Comments: ” really nice”, “her age”, ” such a natural look and yet it looks like she puts a lot of time in”, “shes is sexy”


Emily Blunt
Ranked: 7/10
Comment: “she is beautiful”, “this Is a nice length and a natural colour”, “suits her age”, “fun but sexy”


Taylor Swift
Ranked: 4/10
Comment: “the bangs need to go, your not 12!”, ” nice and natural but I don’t like fringes”, “cute”


So there you have it! Guys can make sense sometimes and can be a real help with fashion. I have to say I agree with them on their critiques!
If you want to know what is going to be sexy then why not ask your partner, friend or a stranger in the shopping mall! They will let you know what hair colours and cuts they would find unapproachable and what ones would make them want to get to know you!

After all it is love at first SIGHT.

❤ Teniel Guy


One response to “Top 5 Worst and Best Haircuts ranked by men.

  1. Kristen Stewart does have a rather disheveled style. I’ve never been a big fan of it. As for Miley Cyrus’ hair, I really dislike it. It just looks really bizarre to me. :/

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