What not to do with hair!

Hi Pressers!

Today I decided to try bleaching my arm hair with the Nairs home bleach kit that’s for your arms, face and bikini region. Your suppose to do a 1:2 mixture which I did but obviously wasn’t good enough. I’m a hairdresser so I should of known better then to bleach my own arm hair however as you can buy this at Coles or Woolworths I assumed it would be fairly diluted. I was very wrong! I had an allergic reaction that caused burning and itching which resulted in a rash all up my arm!
I’m not saying that the product is bad but I’m advising everyone to make sure you do a spot test and make sure you don’t have sensitive skin like me!
Your probably thinking what does this have to do with hairdressing? It’s the same with your scalp! Make sure you know what products your hairdresser is using on you and let them know if you get any burning or itching because those are chemicals entering your body that can be seriously harming.
Below is a picture of my arm , however iv seen this happen to scalps when they have sensitive skin!


Love Teniel


2 responses to “What not to do with hair!

  1. This has happened to me every time I try to use a bleach kit on my arms, too. Even when it doesn’t leave a rash, it burns like crazyyyy. I can never even manage to keep it on for the recommended 3 minutes. I don’t know how these companies stay in business. 😛

    • It’s bizarre right? I think mine was suppose to stay on for 7 minutes and I lasted about 2. That’s when I decided with all the itching and burning that I’m having a pretty bad reaction to it! We just need to make sure what we are using wont give us an infection cause peroxide can make you very sick! 😦

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