Hey Pressers!

So its coming into Winter for 2013 and a lot of people are wondering what is the look for this season?
Well I have the answer! Cool, Ash blondes are hitting the spotlight as they are clean and fresh and anyone can pull off a nice blonde when its done right! Getting a full or a half a head of foils with a variety of different coloured “cool” blondes will look stunning. On the catwalk this season, the majority of the blonde models are wearing very white, creamy and neutral coloured clothing so having a fresh cool colour blends perfectly! I will put a picture underneath this article to give you guys an idea of what a “cool” and “ash” blonde really is.
For those of you who aren’t quiet ready to go blonde or who simply don’t want to then I have perfect advice on what other colours have become popular recently… Really “cool” dark chocolate browns are very much the way to go! You can do almost everything with dark brown hair! It suits all women, no matter what their skin colour , eye colour and natural colour is as it brings out the gold in brown eyes and enhances the blue/green in light coloured eyes.
The colour pallet for Winter 2013 is mainly all neutral based so going with more “cool” block colours like the ash blonde and dark chocolate brown will act as a great finish to the look. If you were going to dress up with a bold colour then these 2 hair colours would look fabulous as they are natural colours and wont clash with any bold colourful clothes you wish to wear! Underneath is an example of a chocolate brown and a cool blonde. Hope you enjoy(:!



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