Haircare Tips: Healthy Hair


To all of you who need some hair care guidance,

Hair care ranges from watching what you eat, to having children, to stress, over dying the hair with harsh chemicals, the products you feed your hair and how regular you go to the Hair Salon.
Watching what you eat effects your WHOLE body, from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes. Making sure you have a balanced diet and are regularly exercising can actually work wonders for your hair. Your natural oils in your hair are being balanced by your healthy eating. If you go and eat something that’s super greasy then off course that’s going to form more oil coming out of your hair! Oil is good but not more then your natural amount. Your body doesn’t need any extra oiliness, it comes with heaps!


Mothers to be or Present Mothers… Making sure you look after your hair is essential right now as your hormones are going bonkers and are telling your body to do all sorts of crazy things. In fact the majority of pregnant women who come into the salon are loosing hair around their face. Its just the hormones being unbalanced. Keeping up with haircuts and using a protein shampoo and conditioner or masque is perfect for hair loss and breakage as the protein repairs the hair cell for stronger, healthier hair. Don’t worry, your hair will grow back in time!

Harsh Chemicals… For the ultimate healthy hair, going to a hair salon that uses ammonia free colours is better for your hair as it makes your hair shiny and soft and isn’t so harsh on your poor hair. This option is recommended for pregnant women and anyone who has cancer with a sensitive scalp. Most salons these days should stock an ammonia free range seeing as so many more people are being cautious of what they are putting into their hair. No one wants dry, damaged hair!

Abbey Lee Kershaw modelling in 2004.

Products.. Always chose a Sulfate and Paraben free shampoo, condition/masque as it does not give build up on the hair! Sulfate and Paraben are a chemical in lots of shampoo and conditioners that leave the hair feeling like it has a waxy film on the hair strand. Unless you know what your looking for you probably wont be able to feel it. However, the Sulfate and Paraben chemicals actually counteract with hair dyes and can burn your scalp if there is a lot of build up! It also leaves the hair feeling dry and gritty, sort of straw like and not very healthy. This is what we call a cosmetic range as it does nothing for the health of your hair, only for the look of it.

If your hair is generally soft, not too dry, shiny and minimal breakage then using a moisture shampoo and conditioner is best. However if your hair is dry and damaged, use a protein shampoo and conditioner and once a week use a moisture treatment, to help with any dry ends.

As far as maintaining your hair goes; washing hair every 2-3 days is recommended so that your not washing the natural oils out of the hair and making it dry. If you do get a oily scalp every day then use a dry shampoo… baby powder can be used as dry shampoo if you don’t have time to go grab some from Coles or Woolworths! Just sprinkle it onto your roots and then let sit for 5 mins, brush through.
Go get your hair cut regularly ! You need to make sure you get you get your ends chopped every 6 weeks because if you don’t, the small split at the end of your hair strands will end up splitting all the way up the strand to the root, where it will break off and be gone!


Any Questions let me know!
Teniel Guy


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