ShowPony Extensions

ShowPony Extensions

Hey Guys,

I used to have a short bob but recently our salon (Aquae Sulis at New farm, Brisbane) has started doing the famous ShowPony Extensions and i got them! YAY. They come in 3 different makes- tape, woven skin tape and micro beads. I Just decided to get the normal tape extensions in to give them a try and they are great! Super seamless and feel absolutely comfortable. they are made with virgin indian and european hair strands for strength and thickness.

Many salons don’t do tape in extensions because they feel awkward and look odd. However, i guarantee that Show Pony Tape extensions are more comfortable then the micro beads  they are soft, shiny and look like thick hair. You remove them by dissolving the tape with pure alcohol (ShowPony supplies it) and it is very affordable. Show Pony extensions were used in the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in 2012 long, natural looking hair.

A photo has been included so you can see for yourself! Also, the title of this post will take you straight to the website!




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