I had to voice my opinion about the OMBRE and BALAYAGE hair colour. Last year both those hair styles became the big thing. However what many clients and general public don’t understand is that it has actually been around for a few years now. Its suppose to be this very subtle “sunkissed” look all over or just partially on the ends. However girls are beginning to turn the beautiful subtle Ombre into what looks like you’ve just gone and dipped your dark hair into a tub of peroxide.

Beautiful blondes and brunettes are in this season so I must stress how this dramatic Ombre so is not ! If your wanting to do the Ombre look then you must stay close to your natural colour and then let the ends fade into a few shade lighter. If your a natural blonde then sticking with light and dark blondes is the key and if your a natural brunette then sticking with the dark browns/light browns is best!

A great example of a beautiful Blonde Ombre is Lara Bingles…


Beautiful and Subtle by Lara, using her natural colour as the base and then foiling the bottom layers of her hair blonde so it looks like a natural sun-kissed look. Its an amazing look for this beach babe! It matches her complexion perfectly.

Good Example of what NOT to do…. below.


This girl is beautiful and has an excellent complexion but its not a nice hairstyle for her. The 2 colours crash and this is what looks like your typical home job. Brunettes shouldn’t go much lighter then the base colour as its too much of a contrast.

This is great for Brunettes.. below!


Perfect! Not too light but light enough to tell there is a gradual lightening effect!

If you have any questions or if you’d to send me a picture of your hair for me to give advice then please do!


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