What’s in and What’s Out

Hi Guys,

So today I just wanted to let you all know from a hairdressers point of view what hair colours, cuts and up dos are in for this season.
As you know, in Australia were about to hit winter in a few months and I’m finding a lot of clients coming in are changing their cuts.

Short pixie hair cuts are most definitely still in season. They are an old classic look that was around in the 50-60s but have recently started coming back since some actors like Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway and Charlise Theron have recently got the chop! This hair style most suits thinner more oval and rectangle faces as it puts more focus on to your face and shorter cuts always enhance the roundness in the face. If You have a round face or a triangle shaped face, a shoulder length bob is most recommended as it shapes the roundness instead of enhancing it. Ladies with either face shape look great with long hair! So if this season you don’t want to get the chop because your not ready or your unsure it will look great you could always change the colour.

Men’s cuts- I have two favourites that never go out of style. Since last year the men’s cuts have all looked similar however these two same hair cuts keep showing up on the cat walk! Keeping it short on the sides and longer on the top is the winner this season. If you have a more square face or really strong bone structure then going a Gage 2 on the sides with a longer top is the best way to go as it really enhances the bone structure. However if you have a more soft bone structure or rounder face then staying with a Gage 4-5 is best with a shorter length on the top. There are some pictures down below!

This seasons pallet!
I went to a Loreal course today and discovered that this season the Auburn and Mahogany colours are back!! Chestnut browns and warmer blondes are the way to go as they will make your skin look glowing and hydrated as the ash tones make you look more pale and we don’t want that in winter!!

Below is a Pixie cut, Shoulder length bob with the warm blondes i was talking about, 2 Auburn colours for you to take a look at and 2 male cuts!





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